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Monday, April 11, 2011

....... HaPpY 20th BiRtHdaY .......

Hey best family ever!

Your son is now freakin' 20 years does that make you feel?! I hope old, cuz I sure do feel old! 20, wow. well, I have to admit, I was super bummed when I didn't get my promised letter from Kelly, and I was sad when the zone leaders said I didnt get a package from you guys! darn, this week! Post is just slow all the time, it'll get here. Something to look forward to.yeah, defiantly didnt get any cake yesterday, but I'm glad you guys did, and that the Barkers did!

Aunt Julie sent me a nice card and package that had already been opened a little bit, but the card was sweet. it said "missionary birthday's aren't about getting gifts and cakes..but giving the gift of the gospel." love that! Sister Probst called me yesrterday morning and wished me a happy birthday, that was nice. but yesterday just seemed like a normal day. We taught about the restoration in 3 lessons, back to back!

The batism went well. Elder McD let me borrow his white tie and pants, so that was nice. Sibulele is I guess they decided to only fill up the font a little the water went up to my thighs! haha it wasn't that bad. I'll send pics next week.

People here do have phones, but everything is based on airtime. Like you have to buy it. and they call texts "SMS's" people never have airtime, so they send us a "please call" which is free, and we normally just call them back.  Thats funny grandma Strang read that letter I sent her. haha?

Holy cow, I really had to buckle down and start driving this week! Good heck, Its HARD! haha driving a manual, in SA, on the wrong side of the road, is no easy task. The toughest part is stopping on a hill. and the reason I HAD to start practicing is cuz tomorrow is its ME who will be driving ALL DAY and Elder McD will go work in NU 6 & 9 with Elder Farley. I'm scared! haha. Talk about baptism by fire! haha

Yeah I'm still staying busyyy. Elder McD doesnt know what a 5 minute break is! hahah I love it, we work work work. always gotta be doing something.  Me? Nervous for a baptism? No ways! I was excited as heck!

Keep up that running daddy! dang old man, I'm impressed!! You're such a stud. in Xhosa "es koko" means "you're the man" haha! I run every morning, but not as far as you. Keep me updated on your new calling. Conference this upcoming weekend is just like they do it in the states...Saturday and Sunday. You lazy bum, laying in bed, reading the letter from your missionary son! haha doesnt get any better than that! Do you still have the same phone?

Help me out here...I need grandma Haws's address. k, thanks! and you NEVER answered me if Aunt Sue got my letter??

Can you do me another favor...k, sweet, you're too kind! haha one of the Mormon messages by Elder Holland is about a guy and his car breaks down, then he fixes it, then it breaks down again, but the guy is determined, what what what. I cant remember the whole thing...but it would be sweet if I got that talk and like used it in a lesson or spiritual could you maybe find it and sent it to me..enkosi (thanks in Xhosa)

This past week was April 6th..the day Christ was born, and the day the church was organized all the way back in 1830. and on that day, there were 56 members...and now look at the church! amazing.

Soo I LOVE this it and you'll know why! its about Nigerian sisters, but it's still in Africa and people here would do the EXACT same thing...and do do it every Sunday when they walk to church.. "Seeing the promises afar off. Anne C. Pingree. November 2003 Sat, AM session"

I like this scripture..Alma 26:27 and the hymn 322.

This morning we had a "deep doctrine" companionship study. For some reason Elder McD loves deep doctrine. but we discovered that on the other worlds and planets, they each have an Adam..look it up! Moses 1:33-34. yeah, for sure wont be telling my investigators about that when i teach the plan of salvation haha.

DAD, HELLOOO?! umm Book of Mormon giving away/being a missionary update! I'm waiting.............................. haha :) come on mfethu!

Yeah yeah yeah mommy I brush my teeth and floss. "cry no more" as Elder Nkutha would say. He talks biblically haha you guys didn't even comment about the crest I sent home with all the elders on it.  I'll let you know of the details of the phone call as the time grows closer..dont worry mommy, no need to stress! you'll get to talk to your son!

How could I almost forget, I CLICKED 7 months on Saturday! wow! rollin' rollin' rollin'  Tonight we're gonna get ROMANS PIZZA to celebrate my birthday a little bit, that will be fun! that pizza is divine!

Have a great week!
Love your 20 year old son,

PS that cake looks GOOOD!! 
(We sent him a picture of us eating a piece of chocolate birthday cake and candle, celebrating)


  1. Happy Birthday, Dusty!!! He sounds great! No better place to spend a birthday! And I bet he realizes later (if not already) these were truly his best two years! (Well, okay, there are great years still coming, but a mission is a one of a kind life experience...and I'm glad we get to share it with him.) Hey, I want some cake!

  2. It was fun to read that Dusty was tripping out about being 20 just like Alex did :) These boys are growing up!!!