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Monday, June 13, 2011

We gonna have some fun this transfer!

Dearest Family

Soo its gonna be harder to get soo many sweet pictures, cuz now that im walking, it can be dangerous to carry a camera around, or take it out when I'm on the streets, but we'll still take pictures. Did you get all 12 of the pics I sent home last week?! Yeah I still lift instead of tract...but sometimes makes me think about how I would do the other kind of lifting back home haha. basically, the back door of the truck swung open and smashed the window of the car...and yeah the other car is automatic, but im not in that area anymore. As a matter of fact, they shuffled up the cars, and it just so happened that the other elders in our ward who always drive us to and from the area, got the exact same car I smashed. haha.

Just overlooking NU14
Oh man, where do I begin with this email. umm, new area! I've adjusted pretty well so far. It's for sure different than my previous areas. and life as a senior companion is fun! haha. Since Elder Grow knows the area and people, he is in charge, but I dont mind at all. I LOVE ELDER GROW! Oh my gosh, this guy is great! Always crackin' jokes...I practically laugh all day, every day! But he is a work horse! He knows when to have fun, and when to work. He's only been out 5 months, but this guy is powerful! such a good elder. We gonna have some fun this transfer!

I'm in the walking is cool. but yessie this place has massive hills! I get back to the boarding and I'm just constantly hungry, but too tired to make anything to eat! haha its a deliema im trying to work out. it was rainy and cold last week, so that wasnt too fun. Now im back to teaching like only 1 or 2 lessons in a day, cuz we dont have a car, and it is super hard to get a fellow-shipper to come with us. and I'm not gonna lie, it can be scary to walk on the streets here at night! dont worry mommy, I'm being safe!

In NU16 on a cold, wet day! shop shop
So our district leader is Elder Staheli...from Nebraska! this chap is a marine! haircut and body type, and all! He's been many places around the world..and you're not gonna believe this...he was in Camp Pendalton!!! small world. Dude, this guy is a total goof ball jokester! He knows how to have fun! like in the grocery store, he was like "hey Elder Grow, your boyfriend called, and he wants you to call him back!" hahahah for like the whole store to hear! and like at church he'll say to the old mammas "ooooooo mamma, you look good today!" hahahaha. and then at like dinner appointments, when the mamma is in the other room, he'll say really loud "HMMMMM mamma!!!" (sounding like he is in pain) then she'll come rushing in like somethings wrong, and elder staheli will just say mamma this food is so good! hahaha this guy is hilarious! hahaha I love it. He caught a crab, and shot it with a blow gun...and he shoots township dogs! hahahah.

He is training a brand new missionary from Kenya. he was going to like switch name tags with me at the airport to mess with the greenie missionary, but we decided not to.

A new term they all say is "fetch" so now I've picked up on it a little bit.

Our boarding is not so good. the landlord's are strict about how much water and electricity we use. dumb. and the boaring stays in the shade all day every its a freakin igloo! no joke! its like always below 60F.. not cool. Elder Grow and I just huddle around the small heater in the morning during comp studies. also, the washing machine dont work...can you say hand washing? I can. and if its rainy and cold, your clothes dont dry.

Yesterday at church we listened to 3, back to back to back, boring talks, all on repentance! hahaha. but before that I got up and bore my testimony, that was sweet.

Mdantsane Zone Training 1June 2011
Cool scripture...Mosiah 18:21

"And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another."

This week is the final zone conference with President and Sister Probst! They go home 1 July, 2011! They will be greatly missed.

Well, time is up! LOVE YOU ALL, SO MUCH!!

-Elder Haws

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  1. Another great email and great pictures. I love how the boys can send home pictures so quickly via the internet. Brandon & Ben couldn't do that and it's so much nicer. Ben has only been home 4 yrs. and it's changed that much!