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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Monday's just won't be the same anymore. Yes, I have been thinking a little bit about my talk and what I'm going to say. Don't worry. I guess something I'll need will be more G's and a dental appointment mommy! That's a great idea about protein powder daddy! ha-ha

Lions at the game park

This week was sweet. I don't have much time today because we just spent the day at a game park! It was sweet. the day started off hectic with a mix up on Elder Twitchells flight to Cape Town, and then hurrying off to make it to the game park to see some animals. It was like 220K's away and like the 2nd best in the country. We went on a safari in the bush! Rode in one of those sweet cars and saw soo many cool things and our tour guide gave us cool facts about the animals and answered our questions. We had an all you can eat feast in this beautiful place on the reserve. Amazing day! God bless the Smith's!!
Our baptism went perfect as well! I love those 2 young women soo much. They were soo prepared and excited. I'm happy for them.

Our missionary fireside also went very well. I was asked to conduct the meeting, so that was a joy.

Yuppp, gotta say some goodbyes tomorrow and cruise into Cape Town on Wednesday! I'll interview with President Wood on Wednesday and have dinner and a testimony meeting that night, then on Thursday hang out and Cape Town and do whatever I want until that evening when I fly home to see all of youuuuu!! Can you believe it?! I sure cant. You do not know how excited I am!!!!!!!
I'm going to return with honor and have no reg...

I don't know what else to say!! SEE YOU ON FRIDAY!!!


Elder Dusty Haws

Sara getting baptized

Katuu and her family


The branch fireside

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