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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My first area is EAST LONDON!!


Wow, lots has happened since the last time that I emailed! we went to the temple on tuesday for the last time for a long time. we got to do sealings! One of the sister missionaries got sealed to her deceased parents, it was super spiritual. then we had like a big goodbye meeting and everyone bore their testimonies and said their goodbyes. We left the MTC the next morning, the 29th. We got up at like 4:30 and flew to Cape Town. it was sad cuz I had to say goodbye to my comp, who knows if I'll ever see him again.

Anyways, like 21 of us all went to Cape Town. man, what a beautiful place! It reminds me al ot of San Diego. palm trees, sunny weather, right near the ocean etc. but there are more mountains around there. the first place we went was the mission office. They told us lots of info and like gave us out MSF (my sacred fund) credit card and stuff. Then we all drove to the mission home. Dang, it is way nice! As soon as we got there we unloaded our stuff then went to this place that reminded me a little bit of the gliders port/that mountain in Hawaii. It over looked the Indian Ocean and all of Cape Town! sooo pretty! You could see the famous Table Mountain! I could see on of the arenas where they played a world cup game! I took some great pictures. Cape Town is thousands of times better than Jo-burg! Jo-burg is the ghetto and not nice. it really is true that every where in South Africa is like a different country. there's more white people in Cape Town, and everything is just nicer and more clean.

We went back to the mission home and they told us more stuff about the mission, and we ate and President Probst interviewed all of us. he said he sent that picture to you guys. he is a stud. everyone says he's gonna be a general authority some day! so that night we all piled into his small office and he has this big board with all the companionship on it! we all were super super excited!! i found my picture and my companion! then we all went to bed and then had a nice breakfast and pretty much loaded up in the cars and said our goodbyes!
soooo, I am in EAST LONDON!! My first area! there are 4 zones in the mission, Cape Town, Namibia, Port Elizabeth, and East London. So 9 of us flew to East London, it was like and hour and 15 minute flight. We landed in this tiny airport right next to the beach. There was a group of missionaries there to greet us, but my comp wasn't there, he was out working!

So I drove with the ZL's (zone leaders) and they brought me to by boarding (where I live) and I met my companion!! Elder Aires!! he's from Mozambique!! He was born near Russia, and looks Mexican! haha. His first language is Portuguese, so his english isnt perfect. He's been out 16 months and is super nice. He has been in this area for 6 weeks. We stay at one of the nicer places in the zone, right under the Bishop.

So I unpacked my stuff and the first thing we did was planned for over 2 hours! then, we had an appointment! ah! It went better than I thought. then after that we went to a DA (dinner appointment). We went back and I was tired and slept like a baby. One day we drove like 30 minutes to this members house. She is crazy! She lives on a farm and has sooo many animals! like 10 dogs, 21 cats, tons of chickens, an owl, swans, goats, donkeys, emus, parrots, etc. You have to see it to believe it. and she fed wasn't very good! haha and like her cat was eyeballing my food the whole time, and there were tons of fly's buzzing around us, but I was hungry.

The next day we taught like 5 lessons and tracked a lot and talked to soo many people. its crazy! So much has happened its hard to remember everything. but its weird, most people are really receptive to us, like they invite us right in to talk to them, or we set up a return comp does most of the talking, but I'm getting better.

Church was pretty good on Sunday. We started our fast the afternoon before, so we didnt eat dinner saturday night or breakfast on sunday. but I bore my testimony, and in their ward, they all flock up to the pulipt, unlike the PQ2! Sacrament meeting went like 15 minutes over, but it was super good. After church we had 2 long appointments then a DA. This was is super nice cuz we have a DA every night!

East London is nice. I'm in the 3rd ward. there is another set of elders in our ward, cuz the ward covers a large area. They get to use the car, but they give us rides most of the time, but we do alot of walking. Its mostly black people that we're teaching, but they are very humble. There's lots of trash in the streets and the houses are small and run down.

Well, we gotta go shopping, cuz we hardly have any food in our boarding! I have a feeling I'm gonna be eating lots of peanut better sandwiches!

I'll send some pics next week!  Missionary work is hard.

Elder Haws

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